Zhingalala Restaurant

Location : Surat, Gujarat
Carpet Area : 1350 Sq.ft.
Completion Year : June 2019
Design Team : Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Kruti Jhunjhunwala, Hira Suthar
Picture Courtesy : The Fishy Project
Artwork Credit : Satyadip Vadnere

“From our pond to your plate” a comprehensible notion by the client; that eventually becomes a pivot on which the whole conceptualization and design revolves upon for this Pesco-vegetarian restaurant. The interior is intended to be calm, unobtrusive, but at the same time generates an amuse for the passers-by to stop and explore the space.

Packed within the 4.2mts x 19.2mts, restaurant has a casual dining area for 55 people spread over on both ground floor and the mezzanine, a cash counter, kitchen, store, cold storage room and one restroom.
The overall material palette is heavily based on texture and natural materials drawn from the aquatic elements which gives a casual yet tangible connection to the farmland. The furniture is intended to be subtle using cane and metal, while all the drama is added through the three main surfaces of the space. The flooring pattern done through terracotta tiles imbibed in IPS, follows an abstraction of the farm grids that gradually scatter along with the space; while the ceiling brings in fluidity with the literal use of farm nets – capturing the greenery and lights within and around it.

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