The office

Location : Surat, Gujarat
Carpet Area: 420 Sqft
Completion year : 2015
Design team: Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah
Picture Courtesy: The Fishy Project

The office space being in a commercial complex, makes the journey of reaching the office very impersonal. Being in a formal complex, breaking of that formal character from corridor to office space in terms of layout, material and overall mood is the main design challenge.
As a designer, the goal here was to capture the essence of ‘highway culture’and integrate the context of highway within the interior, without losing the integrity of the brand.
This approach encourages the users to diversify the way they use a highway rest stop, making it a part of their journey instead of being just a ‘quick halt’.
The idea was to create a space which is ‘Raw and refined’ at once: a space that has an industrial feel, yet maintains a sense of elegant aesthetics. A beauty exalted through a solid balance between three simple materials: wood, metal and cement finish. Spatially, the floor plan, with its clear proportions, is designed to effectively connect all the functions:working, meeting and leisure, enhancing fluid interactions between employees, visitors and principal architects. The heart of the project is the framed metal ceiling ; which gives the much needed dynamism to the work space without being too imposing and serves the purpose of supporting lighting and electrical works.Pine wood is another striking feature of the cafe which is economical and at the same time has been given a distressed finish to give a worn out, rugged look.