Highway appendage

Location: Kadodara, Gujarat
Carpet Area: 1750 sqft
Completion of Project: 2015
Design team: Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah
Picture Courtesy : Nirmal Unadkat

The Cafe is intended to create a spatial narrative that marries with the brand ‘Coffee Culture’s’ ethos: imbibing the regional culture, tradition and history into each of their new outlets, which makes each one of them unique and playful.

As you enter the cafe, you are guided by a series of signage’s engraved in the flooring itself, which leads you to the different seating areas, wherein each seating cluster is unique in its space making, responding to the variating users. The glass facade looking outside towards the highway is inspired from the artist Piet Mondrian, wherein the entry doors become a part of the pattern itself.Ropes used here is an important and economical space making element which create small niches for privacy and also creates a zesty ceiling in the party hall.The color palette has been kept subtle and belonging to the same family as far as walls and floors are concerned.
There is a Planter divider separating the seating area from the convertible party hall, also meant to act as a merchandise display for various products relating to the brand. As each user would have their own idea of comfort and choice, the furniture here has been designed to be unique, complimenting each other, but not be the same.

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