Location : Surat, Gujarat
Carpet Area : 1890 Sqft
Completion Year : 2017
Design Team : Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Grishma Gandhi
Picture Courtesy : Ishita Sitwala (The Fishy Project)

Its a simple functional house with a touch of ethnicity added through geometries.The triangulated movable screen in the entrance foyer adds a visual pause through a triangulated movable screen when it is open, at the same time the space flows in to the social areas when the screen is closed. Living space has a cozy and open atmosphere with an overpowering feature as the veneer cladded wall which highlights the space and marks the continuation into the dining area. The bedrooms have ample of storage spaces which are camouflaged through art or merged with the wall surfaces, making the rooms feel open and relaxing.

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