Coffee Culture, Anand

Location : Anand, Gujarat
Carpet Area : 2195 Sqft
Completion Year : 2018
Design Team : Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Payal Satasiya
Picture Courtesy : Ishita Sitwala (The Fishy Project)

The design features an earthy color palette, taking cues from the traditional houses of central Gujarat, wherein the elements are materialized fragments of common memories from the traditional ‘grandparent’s house’ to project a sense of comfort for its users.

The café is located in Anand city, which is an education hub in Gujarat and has a large influx of students from neighbouring towns. The idea was to create an ambiance of ‘feel at home’ within the space by using elements that captures the visual and tangible elements of those old traditional houses. Earthy color palette in combination with the quirky artwork gives a visually appealing contrast to the space. Spatially, the wooden columns create a feel of segregation within the enclosed space creating an aisle acting as a transition space leading to a window seating looking outside suggestive to an ‘Otla’ of a Pol house. The striking terrazo tiles reminiscent of old houses, tasteful lighting fixtures along with the addition of plants and a combination of seating arrangements come together to equip the space with a fun and lively ambiance.

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