Insync Cafe

Location : Bardoli, Gujarat
Carpet Area : 1200 Sqft
Completion Year : 2015
Design Team : Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah
Picture Courtesy : Nirmal Unadkat

The brief was to work with a very constrained budget, which was an interesting challenge. As the cafe is based in a Bardoli, Gujarat a satellite town where scrap can be found in abundance, the idea was to design a “contextually responsive environment” by using scrap, specifically pipes as an element which would be artistically functional.
The interior response draws from both its location and a restrained budget. The cafe is divided into two different volumes, a double height space and a low height linear space. An existing metal staircase rises through the double height space to a mezzanine floor, adding character to the space.
Responding to the budget constraint, the existing long wall in the cafe was stripped off its plaster and kept as an exposed brick wall with minimum finishing layers. It also acts as a backdrop for the coffee counter and the remainder walls are finished with grey textured paint. The dark space is lit by a series of Edison Light Globes, which suspends above the counter, highlighting it. The unusual geometrical twists of the GI pipes wind up creating merchandise display rack, bottle storage, lighting fixture, and support for furniture as well.
All the tables designed are painted in blue and browns, but have been distressed to give it a lived-in appearance. The consistent use of the colors white, brown and blue brings a certain calmness between the otherwise fairly random placed elements. The design, choice of materials and color scheme were manipulated carefully to echo the site’s narrative while maintaining Coffee Culture’s branding strategy as a young and trendy company which evolves with time and place.

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